Grade Control for Wheel Loaders

Grade Control for Wheel Loaders

Get to grade at high speeds without sacrificing accuracy or quality.

wheel loader with grade control

Take the Guesswork Out of Earthworks


Features and Benefits

Trimble grade control for wheel loaders maximizes the machine’s performance, so you can get to grade at high speeds, without sacrificing grade control accuracy or quality of the final graded surface.

Work Faster and More Profitably

  • Measure the precise 3D position of the bucket
  • Quickly perform complex tasks and simplify finishing slopes with accurate 3D positioning

Trimble Dual GNSS
Trimble Dual GNSS

Trimble, a leader in precision measurement technology, pioneered the Dual GNSS solution to meet the needs of the construction industry. Watch the video to see how it works and why you need it!

Configuration Options for Wheel Loaders

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